Indoor Members Prayer Circle

The Indoor Members Prayer Circle consists of persons who are unable to attend their branch meetings, sometimes this is because of an infirmity or family responsibilities. The Indoor members have a special responsibility to pray for members, branches and special concerns of the Mothers’ Union.

The Indoor Members Prayer Circle coordinator is responsible for keeping in touch with all indoor members and for ensuring that they feel involved and included in our worldwide family. The coordinator keeps in contact by sending copies of Families Worldwide and greeting cards at Christmas, Mothering Sunday and Easter.

It is the duty of the branch to which the member is affiliated to inform the coordinator of any members in this position and to collect their dues and distribute newsletters.

This is a shared responsibility between the Diocesan branches and the Canadian IMPC coordinator, as it is the branch who knows when a member becomes an IMPC member, or when an IMPC member changes address.

Ethel Nelson, Indoor Members Prayer Circle Coordinator
Ethel Nelson
Indoor Members Prayer Circle Coordinator