About the Northern Clergy Families Fund

The Northern Clergy Families Fund began as the Northern Clergy Wives Holiday Fund in 1974. It was conceived and coordinated by the Canadian Mothers’ Union on behalf of the National Church. Its original purpose was to help the wives of clergy serving in the north, many of whom had moved there from the south. This donation allowed them to travel to the south from time to time.

In 1986 the name of the fund was changed to the Northern Clergy Wives Discretionary Fund in order to broaden the fund’s support opportunities and to allow the money to be used without any strings attached.

In 1992 the name was changed again, this time to The Northern Clergy Families Fund, which allows the fund to also be given to husbands of female clergy and to respond to the wider needs of families.

Donations to the fund come from a variety of Anglican sources including Mothers' Union and Anglican Church Women branches, church guilds, parishes and individuals. Cheques for the fund in amounts from one dollar to hundreds of dollars express thank offerings and memorials, or reflect specific fund raising initiatives.

Mothers' Union absorbs the fund's minimal administration costs in order that every penny donated goes to support the clergy families in need who are nominated by Bishops of the Council of the North. The bishops are contacted in rotation and asked to submit the names of two clergy families who could benefit from a gift from the fund.

A no-strings-attached cheque for $950 is sent to each family. This unsolicited and often unexpected gift has been used to fund everything from a shopping trip to medical treatments. The thank-you letters received by the fund coordinator are often very poignant indeed.

The Dioceses of the Council of the North are The Arctic, Athabasca (Alberta), Brandon (Manitoba), Caledonia (British Columbia), Keewatin (Manitoba/Ontario), Moosonee (Ontario/Québec), Saskatchewan, Yukon, The Parishes of the Central Interior, Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador (the Archdeaconry of Labrador only.

Northern Clergy Families Fund January 23, 2016

Northern Clergy Families Fund Co-ordinator's Report to Canadian Council of Mothers' Union and the Primate, Archbishop Fred Hiltz for 2015

In 2015, as funds allowed, I contacted the Bishops in the following Dioceses within the Council of the North:

  • * Bishop Lydia Mamakwa (Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh) April and December
  • * Bishop Michael Hawkins (Saskatchewan) January
  • * Bishop Fraser Lawton (Athabasca) January
  • * Bishop James Njegovan (Brandon) April
  • * Bishop William Anderson (Caledonia) April
  • * Bishop Barbara Andrews (The Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior) May
  • * Bishop Larry Robertson (Yukon) July
  • * Archdeacon Deborah Lonergan Freake (Moosonee) July
  • * Bishop Geoffrey Peddle (Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador) December

$15,295.45 was donated to the Northern Clergy Families Fund during 2015. 18 gifts (totalling $17,100.00) were sent out to clergy families serving within the Council of the North.

A financial summary of the activity in the account during 2015 is found on the following page.

I have received thank you letters and e-mails from many of the recipients, who shared some of their life experiences living in isolated and northern communities. They are always very grateful to receive the gift. With her permission, I have sent a letter from Monica Langmaid, wife of The Rev. Rob Langmaid, Church of the Northern Apostles, Whitehorse, Yukon to be published in the Canadian Mothers' Union Newsletter.

I am thankful to have the opportunity to serve in this position and will continue to promote the fund so Canadian Mothers' Union can provide this support to clergy families serving in northern and isolated communities.

Note: Four more gifts have been sent on January 2, 2016 to Mishamikoweesh and The Archdeaconry of Labrador.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda L. MacLachlan
Northern Clergy Families Fund Co-Ordinator (2013 - 2016)

copy to: Bishop Michael Hawkins - Chair of the Council of the North

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Linda MacLachlan
Northern Clergy Families Fund