Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a branch link coordinator?

A Branch Link Coordinator maintains regular contact with a ‘link’ on behalf of their Canadian Mothers’ Union branch. The Coordinator is responsible to build a relationship with the ‘link’ by sharing information / ideas, sending correspondence, partnering in events / activities, and praying together.

Who can be a branch link coordinator?

Any Canadian Mothers’ Union branch member in good standing may be appointed to participate in the Link Program.

When can / should I connect with my link?

Branch Link Coordinators can and should aim to connect with their assigned ‘links’ as often as possible throughout each year.

What should I tell, and do, with my link?

Connect with your ‘link’ to discuss what you both, and your branches hope to achieve from this partnership. The focus may be on any of the following: prayer; support and encouragement; activities; activism; fellowship; friendship; growing your network with other Mothers’ Union members and branches.

How can I connect with my link?

You may connect with your ‘link’ in person, or via telephone, mail, email, text, video or any other social media platform. Some such examples may be Zoom, Facebook, FaceTime, Messenger. It is important and a requirement that all persons parties involved must provide their consent. Should you need further clarification, please review our website’s information on Safeguarding.

What should I do if I don’t hear back from my link?

Try again, and use possibly use another contact method. Be a little patient, and maybe even consider saying a prayer. Most importantly don’t give up. After making a couple further attempts you have not heard from your ‘link’, contact the Canadian Link Coordinator ( for further assistance. Remember to share as much detail as possible.

Should I involve my fellow branch members?

Absolutely! The Branch Link Coordinator acts on behalf of the branch; together you all can grow this partnership while enhancing your Mothers’ Union experience.

How can my branch sign up to participate in the Link Program?

It is simple; just complete this online request form.

Where can I update my contact information, or my link’s contact information?

You may update all link contact details online using the Request to update contact information form.

Who do I advise when my link no longer wants to connect, or my branch no longer wishes to participate?

Advise your branch leader, along with your Diocesan Representative or President, and then email the Canadian Link Coordinator at