Who Can Join the Mothers' Union?

If you are a Christian and believe in the importance of family life you can join the Mothers' Union (Regardless of gender, identity or family status, all are welcome.). To join you must have been baptized in the name of the Trinity and agree with our Aim and Objectives; membership is open to all denominations.

There are two main ways you can become a member of Mothers' Union

  • Local membership offers you a chance to engage with like-minded people, reach out in the community where you live, have fun and share new experiences. Local groups are often based in churches and meet regularly, to pray together, support each other and get involved with local, national and international social outreach and campaigns.
  • For those who cannot attend local meetings, area membership, known as diocesan membership, enables you to remain in touch and become involved in supporting families at the local area without having to commit to regular daytime or evening meetings.

Membership dues are currently $35.

Whether you're looking for support, fellowship, or simply a place to meet like-minded individuals, Mothers' Union is the place for you.

For more information on how to become a member or to find a Mothers' Union branch near you, contact info@canadianmothersunion.ca.