Service for Commissioning

Service Document (doc)

National Virtual Conference

Feel free to use the presentations from the National Virtual Conference as a Branch Program

16 Days of Activism

16 Days of Activism Prayer (PDF)

2023 Theme

The international theme for 2023 is
Transformation - Now!'

MU Faith Journey

Laurie Kondo has provided us once again with food for thought that can be used at a meeting.
MU Faith Journey (PDF - 2 pages)

Anglican Prayer Beads

Prayer beads can be a simple way to help with daily time with God. The construction of the prayer beads is easy to follow and could be a fun program at a Branch meeting. I know we made them at a National Conference some time ago.
Anglican Prayer Beads - A Form of Contemplative Prayer (PDF - 4 pages)
Anglican Prayer Beads Instructions (PDF - 1 page)

Lenten Bible Study

Lenten Study Series contributed by Laurie Kondo, Diocese of Niagrara. This study follows the journeys of three well known biblical characters - Abraham, Ruth and Peter. It then examines Christ's journey to the cross. The final reflective exercise challenges us to respond to these journeys of faith. Lenten Bible Study Series (PDF - 33 pages)

Roots and Shoots Reflection

Sometimes in our busyness of projects and meetings we can lose sight of the roots of our actions - our relationship with Christ. This reflection was created several years ago by the worldwide Mothers' Union and would be very good for a program at the branch or diocesan level. Roots and Shoots: steps to growth (PDF)

A Biblical Reflection on Mothering

This is a beautiful reflection that can be used at anytime but is particularly meaningful around Mothering Sunday or Mothers’ Day. It has been done at branch meetings, at a Diocesan Rally and during church services. You will need willing participants, a vase and 16 flowers (the more variety the better). If you are doing it as a ‘performance’ it is nice to have 16 different scarves for the ‘actors’ to wear and a bit of greenery in the vase to start. One branch had 4 ‘actors’, a narrator, and a ‘stage manager’ who switched scarves and handed out each flower. Click here for script. Thank you to the Church of the Holy Spirit, Dartmouth, NS for this idea

Thank you to the Church of the Epiphany, Oakville, ON for the following three ideas.

Martha/Mary Syndrome

A bible study discussion around these two sisters highlights the difference in acting out our faith. This is a good jumping off point for a varied discussion on acting out our own faith both inside and outside the church. Click here for the syndrome discussion and here for Mary and Martha Bible readings.

Gifts of Membership

An open discussion on what gifts we receive as Mothers’ Union members - locally, nationally and worldwide. Click here for discussion papers.


Gifts: #1 - a study to discover the gifts of well known Biblical people and with whom we might share the same gifts. Click here for discussion sheets.

Gifts: #2 – what are our gifts and what is God calling us to do? Click here for discussion sheets.

Roll the Mothers’ Union Dice

An activity to get members to think about Mothers’ Union and what it means to the individual member. Click here for the rules.